‘The buzz around eSM’

‘The buzz around eSM’

Jens Bartenschalger (CEO, Fidectus) and Chris Sass (EVP Sales and Marketing) explains everything eSM ahead of their participation at ETOT 2019.    Why do you think there is so much buzz around electronic settlement for OTC energy trading? Chris Sass) The...

Data programmes: the biggest indicator of failure

The old adage "put junk in, get junk out" is the very reason why, in the year 2019 (the year the original Bladerunner was set let's not forget!) effective data management is still worthy of a news article. Yes, of course, data management requires data governance....

7 common questions re: eSM implementation

As you may have surely noticed by the plethora of articles on this site about it; eSM (electronic settlement matching) is high in demand. Although we at Commodities People towers aren't market participants ourselves even our monthly financial reconciliation processes...

The Uniper “Data Lake”: What is it?

Uniper employs around 11,000 employees. Large company eh? The only thing larger to consider is the size of the potential for their data to become too large to manage efficiently. Perhaps the top 5 tech companies aside, getting the data journey right is certainly...

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